Technology Shapes Our Future


“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational”~ George Curos

Science, engineering, and technology are different from each other. Science is the word which explains the ethics of that particular aspect and makes imaginary hypothesis in an observer’s mind. On the other hand, engineering is the process of making tools and designs using the phenomenon of science. However, the technology is different from both that is the technology is not the product of science it uses the technical tools to build up the relation between the persons and the thing which they invent.

Technology is the branch that deals with the technical means and the relationship between life, society and environment, industrial arts and the different types of science. It actively refers to the scientific system of knowledge. The present world depends on the technology, and it also affects the person’s daily life somehow positively or negatively as well. It changes the life of teenagers and adults rapidly. On the other hand, it provides the needs and desires of the members of society. In current time the technology is used regarding the technical, terminal, medical, productivity tools and information technology as well. It is the tool of instruction that used to deliver the concept about the computer software systems and the other technical devices. The new generation works on the computer software and makes the video games, and some software is computer hackers.

The database programs are used to store and retrieve the information. Information technology used to provide the knowledge about the World Wide Web (www) and the portal webs. By medical technology, the field is also amazed by inventing the different surgical instruments and machines for dialysis. In old ages, the people used the letters and fax to send their messages and to communicate with each other in the different countries, but due to scientific technology, it’s straightforward to communicate the friends and family by texting, sending emails and also video chats. These all inventions changed the nature of people’s connection to the others in the whole world. Different companies and work for the technology to become famous. Technology is the considerable contributor to the human being in the form of the internet which is renowned for the ability of information. The software engineers used to work for making new apps and games.

In the inventions of technology television is also the huge factor that influences the people and the primary element of entertainment. Due to the popularity of tv, it effects on human life because people can quickly gain knowledge about everything. It has also become an indispensable part of human’s life. With the passage of time, the scientific technology becomes the vital part of the human’s life by cell phones. Technologists invent the different cell phones to communicate with each other, and due to the software, people talk each other using various applications like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. There is also very rapid progress in military technology that makes the different weapons for the destructive power of the nuclear weapons.

Technology can be used increasingly day by day. It also used in the agriculture. In the early ages, the farmers farmed their fields and plowed by old-fashioned ways because farmers were uneducated but in the present period who planted and cultivated the fields and know that how much quantity requires for the growth of areas they are known as the botanists. They used the different machines to plow the fields.

Industries are also the sparkling reflection of modern technology. It is used to make the production fast by the manufacturing the different products. Industrial technologists are responsible for the working and running of machines for the construction of different products. As we know in the old era, the people covered the miles of distances within days or weeks even months, but now the current situation is within hours and saves the time by using vehicles. Technology makes the people’s daily life very easy. The use of technology is unmeasurable; it plays a crucial role in many other fields. How we use the techniques either if it is good or bad. It is neutral itself, and it is up to people who make it good or bad in the society.