Biometric Secure E-Transaction

Credit cards have become one of the primary and vital sources of shopping. Online shopping using the internet has also become widespread in use. Credit cards are thought to serve as a currency to e-business and e-shopping. Regarding benefits, it has many advantages but hackers can steal your sensitive data and information, and they can take your money. As this is in digital form so hackers can avail at any time, sitting anywhere.

How can hackers steal your data?

Spam software sent to the system that can assist them to steal your personal information relevant to your credit cards and ATM cards.  Skimming is another method through which they can take our data from ATM cards on the point of sale and then they can steal information and copy paste into fake ATM cards and use your currency.

How can we save our transactions using biometric in secure e-transaction?

A biometric system is a recognition system, which makes a personal identification by shaping the authenticity of a physiological or behavioral characteristic that is influenced by the user.

  • Biometric techniques used which eliminates the need to remember a password or carry an identification.

Following of these features can be used for biometric identification:

  • Fingerprint
  • Retina
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voiceprint
  • Hand geometry
  • Palm Prints (Analyze of the veins of the palm)

All these identifications and authentication did in following ways:

Information of person relating to biometric trait will be identified using various identification patterns, and then this information is stored in a database against that person id. After storage, if we go to POS and want to have some transaction, then authentication is done by using various sensors and detection systems which then fetches data against that person id and authentication done.

Using fingerprint sensors at POS (Point of Sale) can relieve us from hacking.  Fingerprint sensors at the mobiles should also be used to save our information that is sensitive, i.e., our messages, conversation, email, calls. Like email authentication, SMS confirmation becomes easy for hackers if we do not use biometric traits like the fingerprint sensor. Most of mobile of modern age now use the fingerprint to access different applications.

Retina based recognition system can be used at POS and in mobiles also it is being used. In this system, Iris of a person is scanned and converted into a digital form and can save as an identifying trait. Iris scanner can use for identifying a person id.

Various facial characteristics also used Face recognition uses mainly the following techniques:

  • Facial geometry: uses geometrical features of the face. Also use multiple cameras to have better precision (2D, 3D)
  • Skin pattern identification (Visual Skin Print)
  • Facial thermogram (uses an infrared camera to map the face temperatures)
  • Smile (acceptance of the wrinkle changes when smiling)

These things can enable one’s identification easy.

Hand geometry and palm identification using infrared light also used at POS. ATMs should have a sensor-based system to recognize characteristics of Palm using IR light. Palm characteristics can be lines of Palm, shape of hand and patterns. These things can be used as a character and stored as identification pattern. Voice recognition based on how the person speaks? Pitches, tones, rise and fall of voice is identified and stored and then matched for authentication.

Thus, these mobile multi-biometrics can fix in mobile phone and point of sales(POS). At the end of the purchase, it also has some extra cost to maintain and bring technology. Thus, more security can be provided to e-Business and e-Transactions using biometric system.

IT Training is essential to integrate the exciting features of bio-metric into the existing business models. A smooth transition to digitized transactions can help to take businesses to the next level.

Blockchain 101

Understanding the basics of bitcoin and the blockchain technology enables you to know the revolutionary change in the industries currently and for future. With the help of bitcoin, the payment methods have become more comfortable for the people to manage to keep the transfers hassle-free as well. There are more benefits of using the cryptocurrencies rather than going out to purchase the products/services. People are getting used to of the digital currencies, and more curiosity occurs. As one platform contains different people from all around the world, it brought the world together at one place with trading the items in the form of digital currency. People earn big from it and find it convenient as well.

With the rapid changes in the environment of technology, there has been a massive trend for blockchain technology. Here are some of the initial queries which you would like to know to enhance your knowledge.

What problem does blockchain solve?

Blockchain works as a solution for making the applications which decentralized with having the most critical use of Ethereum. It sorts out the security and the uptime which helps people in getting done with the transactions quicker. The technology of blockchain works as the best processes for work with making the financial transactions more streamlined. You can make the methods work efficiently with getting done with the procedures for recognizing different sizes of companies.

Where can blockchain be used?

There are various places where blockchain can be used such as banking, making payments, supply chain management, having security regarding cyber, insurances, forecasting for businesses and more. There are other programs which work within the blockchain system which works without any hierarchy.

Introduction to digital currencies?

The currency which is available in the form of digital and you are not able to touch it such as the notes and the coins. The operation of such currencies is through electronic sources with doing the transactions with owning the transfer to other users within the same application. There is a specific ledger which keeps the record of the sales to let you know the history without any change. It is vital to know the difference so that you can operate the system with useful knowledge.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an application which works within the nodes to connect people around the world. There are clouds and servers which are known to be a world of the computer in it. It works as the mutual account where people can do the transactions without sharing any confidential information.

Myths about blockchain technologies?

Many people think that there is only one type of blockchain, but in reality, there is various blockchain. All the blockchain work with different purpose and you can work within the Bitcoin efficiently. Another misconception is that people confuse between the bitcoin and the blockchain system which is why you have to understand the difference. The transactions can be held privately with knowing the development of different cases.

How to get started with blockchain?

First of all, you have to learn the basics of blockchain and bitcoin through different sources. Get to know the concept of Ethereum and know the different types of the blockchain. Know the basics about smart contracts with knowing the online communities and the rapid changes which occur suddenly.  It has the high value of working as a bitcoin, and the currency can trade.

The trend of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies has been on the rise for a long time which is why it is essential to know about the relatable queries which anyone would be inquiring. With the regulations involved and the matter of money laundering, there are some of the restrictions which apply to cryptocurrencies. You will be able to get complete privacy with working as an anonymous over the trade of bitcoins. You can trade, sell or purchase the products/services over the blockchain technology with the help of Ethereum application.

Blockchain technology has made a considerable contribution to the users and helped them in earning money with getting more advantages on their end. It helps in the startups along with understanding the communication with the people whom they do not know. There is no third party involved, and people work within the nodes which connect them to make the purchase. It helps as being one of the best payment forms even by the retailers who have not been able to have high functions on their end.

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