Power of ASP


ASP.NET is a web application framework. It is a server-based application which was created by Microsoft. The main function of this application is to provide you a dynamic web application. It is specially used to create web pages and web technologies. The value of this web technology is only measured by web programmers. The ASP.NET framework was released in January 2002 and it was the first version of asp.net. this framework is built on Common Language Routine. Software engineers can make dynamic websites, web applications and web administrations in this framework. An It engineer always wants to work on that software which is best for his use. ASP.NET is one of the best technology of IT industry.

There are a large number of library classes which contains pre-defined functions for programming problems. ASP.NET development tools are used to create web applications for window operating system and web programmers like visual studio.net.

Visual studio.net

Visual studio.net provides you a visual interface for developers and you can make web application on this framework. A Visual Studio is an event-driven programming language which is used to design web projects. You can say that visual studio is the most powerful programming language as compared to C, C++ and it is also easy to understand. This tool allows the programmers to make software interface and codes in a graphical environment. There are specific attributes available in VB. You can also make window-based application in visual studio.

Top advantages of AP.NET over other web development models

The first and the most important advantage of ASP.net is that it reduces the amount of code and you can easily build large applications by simple coding. It offers you built-in window authentication which helps you to make your application safe and secure. If you want to make a simple task and looking for the best tool, then asp.net is the best option because you can easily perform tasks. There is no need to register on this tool because the configuration information is built-in. this tool allows you to choose the language that best applies to your application.

Importance of ASP.NET technology

ASP.NET tool has many features and this online service is used for advance web standards. This tool provides better support for the test-driven development. ASP.NET is a well-managed complexity tool and it also allows the user to focus on the aspect of implementation at a time. There are different models used in ASP.NET MVC  courses and many parts of coding can also be used in another MVC app.

Code-Behind Model

ASP.NET code-behind model is used to create applications with the separation of content and presentation in mind.

State Management

ASP.NET applications are hosted by web servers. It includes different states in the management process.

. Applications state

. SQL server mode

. Server-Side catching

. View State

. In-process mode

Directory Structure

This structure is measured by the performance of the developer. The website can span other directories other than reserved directory names.

Different directory names include

. App-Code

. App-Data

. App-Themes

. Bin